In our company, each product is given every attention as possible to satisfy our customers. The smell of good bread baking, as the sound of flowing slowly, is an indescribable evocation of innocence and joy.


Home made products

Brief description of our company and the production of bread

Ecological transport

The transportation is very important in this field of work, without it no one will have the bread.

Certifications - Datasheet

Biological and organic bread Certification - integral part of the oven Tinker Bell Ltd.

About us

Forno Trilli operates in Modena - Cognento Fraction - from 2008, under the careful management of brothers Alan and Gianluca, as already active time in the baking industry. The industrial structure is about 1000 square meters and has to his credit about 18 employees, including employees industrial activity and drivers, plus of course the commitment of the owners daily. Our company produces bread and bakery products of various sizes and weights from 40 to 500 grams, packaged as a single portion, multi portion or bulk. The careful choice of raw materials is our top priority: our customers in fact, see, among others, large school canteens, hospitals, large and small retailers.

Our social commitment also sees us involved in charitable initiatives in favor of Caritas with donations of products and non-profit associations with contributions to free mobility projects for the purchase of two vehicles equipped for the transport of disadvantaged citizens, elderly and disabled. We supply also regularly several parishes of our territory as a contribution to the soup kitchens. We produce several lines of organic products, for which we are certified. Carefully check that all the raw materials we use, are exclusively of Italian and mostly locally sourced. We can proudly say that our product is what we consume ourselves within our families. The care and attention that we pay to the realization of our products, is the same that we are committed to protecting the environment. In fact we use only environmentally friendly vehicles: 6 methane and 2 fully electric. Moreover all the lighting inside the structure was converted with high energy saving equipment (LED).

Oven Trilli

Some products can be made upon customer request. In our company there is the word NO instantly. Contact us with your ideas and wishes and we will try to realize them with all arms of the bakers we have.



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